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Written by Fortified Marriages

“I am my lover’s and my love is mine” – the Song of Solomon is a book of romance and love. The tender words of love between the king and his wife can be an inspiration to us today.

Ring on bibleYes, you probably don’t want to tell your wife that her teeth are like a flock of sheep, or her hair like a flock of goats. The point is that romance can and should continue throughout married life.

Romance is “sharing and giving of yourself – the little – and big – things you do to say; ‘I Love You’ and let your spouse know that he or she is special.”

Doing those little and big things to demonstrate your love not only will increase love in your marriage relationship, it will strengthen your marriage and fulfill the Biblical mandate to love in actions and truth (1John 3:18).

Feelings of love don’t just happen, those feelings come when we do loving things; when we put thought and energy into loving someone.

Couples today, can and in fact, must carve out time from their busy schedules to love their spouses. Without cultivation, love will wither and die in the marriage relationship and without some major change or intervention, the marriage will also wither and die. You can begin today!

It doesn’t require money, a great deal of time or ingenuity to begin loving your lover. Give your wife a hug and tell her how much she means to you. Or cuddle up next to your husband on the couch and tell him how much you appreciate his hard work for your family. You can tell your children (in front of your spouse) that you have the best husband or wife in the whole world. Pick some flowers, buy a small gift, go for a coffee date or for a walk. Talk about the good times you’ve had in the past – that vacation where everything went wrong. (for us the story of a mouse “flying” across the hotel room). There are many ways you can demonstrate love for your spouse, but you have to do something.

Do not put it off and don’t do some lavish thing on Valentine’s day and think you have done your duty for the year. Loving your lover is year-round, lifelong project.

In what ways can I show you my love starting today? HDIFAT?


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