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Ham & Eggs Award

Ham & Eggs Stories

The Ham & Eggs Story

Version 1: A chicken and a pig were walking down the street one day and noticed some poor children who looked as if they hadn’t eaten anything for days. Moved with compassion, the chicken said to the pig, “I have an idea! Let’s give those children a nice breakfast of ham and eggs.” The pig contemplated the chicken’s suggestion and said, “Well, for you, that would be a DONATION; but for me, it would be a SACRIFICE!”

Version 2: The chicken and the pig were on a campout. Talking about what to have for breakfast the chicken said, Why don’t we have ham and eggs? The pig replied, AThat=s easy for you to say. Donating the eggs is just a contribution from you, but for me to donate the ham takes real sacrifice.

Ham & Eggs Award Criteria

 The Ham & Eggs Award Criteria

UME started the annual Ham & Eggs Award in 1986 to give international recognition to deserving couples who have had a positive impact on many couples as a result of their involvement in Marriage Encounter. It is presented to recipients at the Valentine event in their local UME Community. The guideline for the award is long-term (usually at least 10 years) sacrificial service.

The award gives recognition to two types of couples who have provided long-term sacrificial giving of themselves to the ministry of United Marriage Encounter:

1. The highly visible UME couple whose name is easily recognized from being a Team Couple, former UME International Board Couple, Community Executive Couple, Task Force Chaircouple, Celebration Chaircouple, etc.

2. The quiet, dedicated, “behind the scenes” couple who just keep going and going (like the Energizer bunny) in their quiet ministry through UME. Often these couples are known only in a specific UME Community. These couples like this are the backbone of UME.

3. Must have been encountered at least 10 years

4. UME policy: no current UME International Board Couple may receive the award, and of course no UME staff. Plaques with the names of all the honorees hang in the UME International Office.

H_E Recipients through 2015.

0510 – Ham-Eggs 2017 Nomination Form

Ham & Eggs Award Nomination Form

You may nominate a couple for the 2017 Ham & Eggs Award. Complete the attached nomination form and email or fax it to Bonnie at no later than Oct. 31, 2016.