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Dialogue Question on Family & Children


HDIFAT? = How Do I Feel About That?
HDIFAMA? = How Do I Feel About My Answer?
HDIF =  How Do I Feel?

  1. What are some of my attitudes toward children? HDIFAMA?
  2. Do I think children should be seen and not heard? HDIF A T?
  3. Do I think children should speak only when spoken to? HDIFAMA?
  4. Do I think children should obey without question because we are their parents? HDIFAMA?
  5. Are we superior to our children or are they equal to us? HDIFAMA?
  6. How do I regard our children? Do they belong to us? Are they gifts from God? Are they our possessions? What does the phrase “our children” really mean to us? HDIFAT?
  7. Are we concerned about how our children act towards others? Are they free to be themselves or do we expect certain actions? HDIFAT?
  8. Are we just expecting our children to have good qualities or do we seek to teach them these qualities? Do we show them a good example? HDIFAT?
  9. What attitudes will our children have about parenthood? HDIF A T?
  10. HDIF when our children do something not necessarily wrong, but in opposition to what we think they should do?
  11. HDIF when our children are impolite to others?
  12. HDIF when our children are selfish?
  13. Are our children only allowed to talk with us when we feel like it on our terms, our time, our subjects? HDIFAMA?
  14. Do we really listen to our children? Sometimes? Only when it’s serious? When it’s important to us? HDIFAT?
  15. Do our children come to us freely with problems or questions? Are they afraid of our unconcern or possible rejection? How do we react in these situations? HDIFAMA?
  16. HDIFA caring for our children? Is it a job, a chore, a burden? Is it a joy to be with them? Do I resent their presence sometimes, their peskiness, the time they take away from our couple relationship?
  17. HDIF when they disobey once, twice, often?
  18. In what ways do I wish our children would change? What are those areas? Why? HDIFAT?
  19. Must they excel in all they do, or will I accept an underachiever and not be disappointed? HDIFAMA?
  20. Do our children reflect us? In what ways? HDIF A T?
  21. Do our children see us as parents or dictators? HDIF A T?
  22. How do I react when our children cry? HDIF A T?
  23. How do I feel when our children want to help us with a task when we are in a hurry to get it done?
  24. What are our children’ s attitudes toward us? HDIF A T?
  25. Are we consistent? Have we given our children reason to trust what we say?
  26. Do we discipline in love, anger, or resentment? HDIFAMA?
  27. Do I allow neighbors’ opinions, values, etc., to influence our decisions regarding discipline? Is it for the better? Is it our fear of rejection from the neighbors? HDIFAMA?
  28. Do our children know the value of money? Do they take all our possessions for granted? Are desserts, gum, candy, and small gifts special or taken for granted? HDIFAT?
  29. Are we aware of what values or morals we are trying to teach our children? HDIFAMA?