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Couple Nurture Events

Couple Nurture Event Timeline PDF

Consider a Couple Nurture Event that can spark enthusiasm and new interest in your Community. A Couple Nurture Event is a half to full day event customized to strengthen and nurture a couple’s marriage relationship; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Possible topics and resources may include but are not limited to:

♥ Sacred Marriage
♥ Six Secrets to a Lasting Love
♥ Hot Topics (Problem Solving developed by UME)
♥ The Five Languages of Love
♥ Love & Respect

UME encourages each Community Board to host a Nurture Event every one to two years for all encountered couples in their area. The event may be led by one of the MESF Staff Couples or Local Leadership Couples. A Nurture Event is an effective tool in keeping UME Community healthy.

Scheduling an event like this in your Community is as simple as A, B, C:

A. Discuss an event on the local leadership level
B. Select first, second and third choice dates
C. Finalize date with MESF Staff  if providing assistance

Planning Timeline Days before the Couple Nurture Event:

60 Community should be informed of the date and time of the event. Plan the length of time for the event, including time for a meal. Each event is customized to meet the individual Community’s needs.

Event Promotion and Registration Couples need to be appointed. If at all possible, these should not be your regular Weekend Promotion-Information and Registration Coordinators. Remember to delegate.

We don’t promote the event as “leadership” or “educational”, but try to emphasize the fun aspects, Growth, and fellowship with other UME couples.

Plan a write-up in the next newsletter. Newsletter items may need to be done earlier, depending on timing of the next newsletter. The newsletter articles are usually done as information and background, rather than an inviting tool. We have found that few couples sign up as a result of the newsletter, but having prior information makes it easier to talk when couples are contacted about the event.

Meeting place should be decided and reserved. (Often churches are willing to donate space or allow events for a nominal fee)

45 Make a promotional mailing or email to the Community with the topics to be covered (not an agenda) and the time frame, including the “who-what-when-where” information and a registration form. We suggest a nominal fee be charged, depending on cost of any materials purchased. The money is usually used to provide the meal, snacks and drinks, door prizes, etc. for the couples attending.

Set up a phone calling committee, whose goal is to contact each couple who will receive the mailing. Remember to delegate. Couples should be encouraged to come, but the event is open to singles if one spouse is unavailable, and “part-timers”, those who can come for 3 or 4 hours, are also welcome. The Community could also invite Pre-Encountered couples. This is a good inviting tool for Weekends.

35 Phone calls to couples. Plan to complete calling 25 days before the event.

30 Confirm meeting place, if needed.

Follow up with Promotion Couple on phone calling.

Plan food for meal. We suggest pizza or subs. Potlucks take effort, draw attention away from the program, and tend to stretch the time limits.

Confirm that all calls have been made, check registrations.

28 Go-No Go Decision based on registrations. If registrations are fewer than the minimum required (to be determined by MESF Staff, if Staff is included in event, and Community Executive Couple) the Community should plan on another date for the event.

20 Get as many of the registered couples involved with the Nurture Event. Assign couples for leading opening and closing prayer circles, meal grace, leading singing, name tags, door prizes, greeters, set-up and tear down, etc. When registered couples have specific service opportunities they have more interest and take ownership or the event.

10 Final contacts by phone or email with all registered couples.

5 Details of event like chairs, tables, food ordering, audiovisual equipment needed, should be done.

Day of Event: ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!

Leadership Development & Nurture

When a MESF Staff Couple comes to lead the Couple Nurture Event it is strongly encouraged that a time is set aside for current and future Leadership Couples to meet for Leadership Development. This time can be before or after the Couple Nurture Event. Some topics may include:

♥ Vision Casting
♥ Annual review of Community Covenant
♥ Team building
♥ Financial updates on ministry

This time is also customized for each Community’s needs. Planning can be arranged with the assistance of the Staff Couple attending.


Program Options

Couple Nurture Event-Half Day 6 Secrets

Couple Nurture Event – Full Day _6 Secrets_

Couple Nurture Event Half Day using Hot Topics

Couple Nurture Event Five Love Languages

Couple Nurture Event – Full Day _Waffle Spaghetti_