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Core Coordinators Loving Task Description

Download PDF of Core Coord LTD

(This loving task description is designed to be a helpful guide, not a mandated requirement. It is a compilation of suggestions and ideas that have worked well in many UME Communities)

It is the responsibility of each Core, in cooperation with the Community Core Nurture Coordinators, to fill this position. Even though UME does not have a specific policy on length of loving task terms, it is suggested this loving task position be held for 1-2 years. It is best if an assistant couple work with the coordinators. The assistants may or may not become the coordinators.
  1. Carefully study ‘Core Our ME Family’ and be familiar in it. (Also see Suggested Core Format).
  2. Help your Core couples:
     Catch and keep the vision of what Core can be.
     Grow in dialogue, sharing, loving fellowship, and mutual support.
  1. Support your couples.
     Encourage them in their dialogue.
     Pray for them.
     Set a good example with your own dialogue and sharing.
  2. Schedule your Core’s meetings.
     Stay on a regular and dependable schedule.
     Announce dates and places at least 1-2 months in advance.  Rotate meetings among members’ homes.
     Be sure the host couple know their responsibilities.
  3. Prepare a brief agenda for the business part of each Core meeting.
  4. Gently guide each Core meeting to keep it moving, finish within 2 hours, and stay out of the strawberries during the meeting itself. Strawberries are OK during refreshments.
  5. Begin Relationship Sharing with a reminder to talk to your spouse when sharing, speak loud enough so all can hear, focus on feelings rather than events, and don’t comment on another couple’s sharing. The Core Coordinators usually begin Relationship Sharing, but that is not always necessary. (See Relationship Sharing document availabe on the website)
  6. If you have to miss a Core meeting, ask another couple to fill in for you. Give them the information they need. Keep Core Couples in the Communication Loop.
  7. Keep an up-to-date list of all couples in your Core, with a separate section for “extended family”. Put them on your list as “extended family”, not “inactive”.
  1. Prepare a new Core list every six months, and more often if needed. Include names, address, e- mail, phone, and anniversary date. Optional but helpful: month and year when encountered, birthdays of husband and wife, and children’s names. Give copies of your Core list to each of your Core couples, the Community Executive Couple, and Core Nurture Coordinators.
  2. Stay in touch with your couples. When they miss a Core meeting or have a special need, give them a friendly call or visit.
  3. Keep in touch with your “extended family” couples. Invite them to UME events.
  4. Invite new couples to your Core. Whenever a couple in your Core are a Prayer Couple, work with them to invite their newly encountered couple to your Core. Write a warm invitation letter and give it to them before or at their Reunion. Remind their Prayer Couple to follow up, invite the new couple to their home, and offer to bring them to Core. If your Core isn’t convenient for the new couple because of meeting time conflicts or distance, promptly call your Core Nurture Coordinators, or Community Executive Couple and arrange for this couple to be invited to another Core. Don’t let them get lost! Stay in contact with the new couple and their Prayer Couple.
  5. Provide Prayer Couple(s) when requested by the Community Prayer Couple Coordinators. Ask in advance which couples would like to be Prayer Couples. Explain the responsibilities of a Prayer Couple. Each Core is expected to provide some Prayer Couples for each Weekend.
  6. Ask your Core to provide other help with UME Weekends when requested: Friday night greeting and setup, banner, baggage, etc.
  7. Plan at least one Information Meeting every 6 months. Even better, hold 2 or 3 information meetings within one week, so you can give your guests a choice of dates. Ask all couples in your Core to bring guest couples and to help with arrangements. Work together on inviting.
  8. Good public relation skills are essential. You will work with both veteran and newly encountered couples.
  9. Be visible in your Community by attending Core, Sing-Offs, Afterglows, Reunions, UME social gatherings, and other events.
  10. Additional responsibilities:

a. About 3-4 weeks before each UME Weekend, ask couples to pray for the Weekend, write letters to the Weekend and Team Couples, be a prayer Couple, and invite them to the Sing-Off and Afterglow.

b. Special events: Community or Core social events, reunions, etc. Invite your “extended family” (couples inactive in Core) to join you.

c. Prayer requests.