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Community Resources Committee

Getting to know the CRC members

Meet your Community Resources Committee!  We are dedicated to insuring growth in your community.  We hope that the website is helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.  Check out the introduction videos below from each couple.

Our Vision: The CRC works to encourage, build and strengthen local UME Communities through effective use of couple resources.

Mission Statement: Provide local UME Communities the tools, guidance and training to motivate Encountered Couples and to develop a 2-way communication link between local Communities and the UME Organization

Community Project Assignments

CRC Committee 2015

From left to right:Gene & Cheryl Higgs (Heart of IL), Orval & Suzanne LeJeune (Smoky Mountain Foothills), Duane & Bonnie Marburger (UME Staff), Richard & Karen Zielinski (Rochester), Jim & Sue Sproat (Maryland)


Gene & Cheryl Higgs

We were encountered in IA/IL in 1985 in our 17th year of marriage.  We have 2 daughters-Kate age 38 and Nancy age 36.  We live in a log home on the pasture ground of Gene’s family’s farm & are both retired.  Our current position in the Heart of IL is that of Executive Couple.  United Marriage Encounter brought Christ into our marriage.  Our weekend not only changed us-it changed our family!  We will be eternally grateful.  We are passionate about Community growth & post-weekend assimilation.

Richard & Karen Zielinski

We were married in July of 1992 and encountered in the Rochester Community in the Fall of 1995. We became a Team Couple in 2001 and have been privileged to witness marriages transformed in hundreds of couples all over the world. In addition, our service to UME has enriched our marriage immensely as well as building a worldwide circle of friends. In addition to teaming we are the registration support couple for the UME Community Resources Committee (CRC). We serve our local Rochester Community on the Executive Board as Registration Couple and Secretary Couple.

Orval & Suzanne LeJeune

We were married in 1986, and have lived near Murphy, North Carolina, since 1997. In March of 2001 we attended a UME Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, and our relationship improved dramatically. Our Weekend gave us tools for better communication on an emotional and spiritual level. We believed enough in UME to begin holding UME Weekends in the mountains of North Carolina in 2005. Since then 18 UME Weekends have been held in nearby Hayesville at the Hinton Life Center, and we serve as Executive Couple of the Smoky Mountain Foothills UME Community. We consider it an honor to be a member of the UME Community Resources Committee, and assist Communities with the loving task of Promotion and Information. Another area of service we have enjoyed for UME since 2004 is that of a Lay Team Couple. We believe this to be a calling of God, for which we feel extremely blessed.

Jim and Sue Sproat

We have been married 28years and were encountered in 2013. We found UME to be significant turning point in our marriage. We were taught tools that have enhanced our day to day lives together and have given us the ability to communicate on a deeper level. We have the honor and pleasure to serve on both local and International committees to be a part of the growth of UME. Being a part of CRC gives us the ability to support Communities throughout the world and help enhance Cores throughout our communities.

John & Jeanetta Ma

We believe strong marriages build strong communities, and strong communities build strong nations. We believe in the goals of United Marriage Encounter and inclusion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as part of a strong marriage. The communication skills taught by UME has helped us improve our marriage and we want to share that same opportunities to every marriage – where much is given, much is expected. We have been blessed and we want the opportunity to bless others.