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Community Executive Couple Description



Provide Executive leadership for your UME Community:

  1. Board meetings:
    1.  Schedule four to six Community Board meetings annually.
    2. Develop and send agenda for each meeting 7-10 days prior to the meeting.
    3. Preside at Board meetings to help them run smoothly, “business-like” and efficiently (should be no longer than two hours).
    4. Communicate decisions made at each Board meeting to the Community couples through newsletter, e-mail and Cores.
    5. Make certain minutes are kept of each meeting and mailed within 2 weeks to all Board Couples and the UME office (See Secretary Couple Loving Task Description.)
  2. Encourage and nurture Board Couples and other major loving task leaders. For items needing attention between Board meetings, consult with as many Board Couples as possible prior to taking action. The majority opinion should prevail.
  3. Be ultimately responsible to complete forms and necessary paper work for UME i.e. requests for Community Weekend dates, Annual Financial Report, etc.
  1. Accountability point for Community. The buck stops with you.
  2. Set an example of Christ-led leadership.
  3. Work for needed changes in UME policies and procedures, while supporting decisions of UME International Board of Directors.
  4. Oversee responsibilities for Community event planning, Weekends, health of Cores, and maintaining a good balance between Weekend and Community emphasis.
  5. Coordinate a smooth transition when couples in positions are changed.

In consultation with the Community Board, appoint major loving task couples and help
Keep a pulse on local Board loving tasks and coordinate or follow up as needed
Write articles for the local Community newsletter.
Coordinate post Weekend follow-up and assimilation of all Weekend couples within your Community’s Primary Service Area (PSA).
Attend Community leadership training opportunities i.e. Community Connection. Share the information with local Board Couples in your Community who were not able to attend the event.
Must be visible in your Community by attending Core, Sing-Offs, Afterglows, Reunions, and other functions and making announcements at these events.
Keep in touch via e-mail with the Community leadership couples to keep them in the UME loop regarding local UME happenings, as well as words of encouragement. 


  1. Assist with general coordination of each Weekend with and through the assigned Administrative Team Couple.
  2. Report registration status at the checkpoints for each Weekend to the UME office (See Weekend Schedule and Changes Policies, Part 5).
  3. Work closely with the Registration Coordinators for the Weekend lists. (See Registration Coordinators Loving Task Description.)
  4. Send letter to each Weekend couple about 2-3 weeks before the Weekend providing specific local information about the Weekend (e.g. map and emergency telephone numbers) along with the Pre-Weekend Letter Enclosure. This task can be delegated to others.
  5. Greet each Weekend couple in the good-bye line at the end of the Weekend and officially welcome them to your UME Community.
  6. Send letter to all Weekend Couples one week after the Weekend with details about the Reunion. Be sure to include the Keeping the Spark Alive brochure.
  7. Encourage Prayer Couples and others to follow up with the newly Encountered Couples.


Act as the main communication liaison between your UME Community and:

  1. Community Resources Committee (CRC) Contact Couple (Call UME office if you areuncertain who this is.).
  2. UME office/Staff Couples.