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By Mike & Brenda Johnson, Heart of IL Community
We don’t know about you, but the level of romance has gotten very low over this long, snowy, and cold winter. Date nights we had planned were either cancelled because of the weather, or just because we made the decision to stay in where it was warm and dry. A few of our dialogues lately have hinted at the idea we need to get things back on track. We need to plan some dates…get them on the calendar…start making arrangements…doing whatever is needed to make it happen.
This past weekend, we got a lesson from two little three year-olds who happened to be spending the night. Everyone was tucked in and ready for a good night’s sleep, or so WE thought. A few hours later, Mike says, “Macy is up walking around.” Brenda waits to see if she comes back. When she fails to return to the pallet on the living room floor, just outside our bedroom door, Brenda goes to see what Macy is doing. What does she find? Macy and Jude standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open. Macy is asking Jude what kind of yogurt he would like. Brenda “firmly” tells the children to get back into bed. She then goes into the office, because the light is on, to see what they had been doing in there. To her surprise, she finds the makings of a picnic on the rug by the back door.
Crackers, fruit snacks, cheese puffs and two pairs of scissors (used to open the snacks) are on the floor. These two little kiddos had been having a wonderful time, that hadn’t been planned earlier in the evening. They just woke up and decided it would be fun and adventurous. It didn’t cost them anything, except a stern talking to. They didn’t make any excuses about why they shouldn’t have a picnic in the middle of the night. Other than being interrupted before they were able to eat their dessert, they had a great time! Maybe we should be more like those little children. Does a date night really have to be on the calendar before it can happen? Let’s tell ourselves it’s OK to “fly by the seat of our pants” when it comes to adding a little romance and excitement to our relationship.

QUESTION: HDIF about being more spontaneous when it comes to spicing up our relationship? Then try to think of some fun things you can do without much notice. Have fun!