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Areas for Reaching Out to Each Other

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Go down the list and check-mark any area where you think you do not understand your spouse ─ OR where you think your spouse doesn’t understand you. These may be areas where you and your mate have difficulty communicating with each other.

Then choose the one area where you have the strongest feelings and write fully in loving detail, describing your FEELINGS in that one area. Focus on your feelings, not on the issue. If you exhaust your feelings in that area, and still have time, go on to one more area where you have strong feelings.

  1. Money and possessions
  2. Health
  3. Time
  4. Job
  5. Leisure activities
  6. Sexual relationship
  7. Marriage relationship
  8. Children
  9. Elderly parents
  10. Relatives
  11. Relationship to God
  12. Atmosphere in the home
  13. Activities, talents, hobbies
  14. Working in the church
  15. Retirement
  16. Death